Wednesday, February 15, 2006

scratch scratch

i have a rash. i know that sounds gross. it is gross actually, but it's not from bad hygiene or anything, just stress. :(

anyway, i'm planning on spending Friday night working on my thesis. i know this sounds boring, but i'm actually excited to have time to do some work. i've had some exciting ideas and a want to do research (!), unfortunately, everytime i think i'll have time to do school work, work work intervenes. I'm hoping to have two additional lesson plans by monday evening

also, i got some hot curriculum for on social justice issues that i'm going to use this summer w/ my students..... :)
-- -- -- --
frusterated as shit with Richmond HS. i'm recruiting for EAOP... trying to boost by 150 kids to 500 kids. yeah right. anyway, 7 potential students i spoke it are still stuck in ELD 5, despite having A- or better in their English 1 or 2 course, scoring in the 75% or higher on standarized tests, and already passing the damn CAHSEE. COME ON!!! it doesn't help that 5 of the 7 kids are undocumented, so you already know that parents are not gonna make a fuss to the counselors and teachers. i'm slowly finding the advocates on campus and hoping they can help me with these students (the counselors at RHS, don't talk to me and are dismissive of me)
-- -- -- --
i was at el cerrito high on tuesday, my first day at the school since the Friday night stabbing of a former ECHS student. out of 100 people at the party, still nobody has come forward to identify or even descrive the killer. tuesday at ECHS was strange. it was business as usual, actually more celebratory b/c of valentines day. in my past year and a half in this district, every time a student/ former student has been murdered (i think 6 times?) there have been memorial posters, reward posters, Tshirts, etc. i saw nothing on tuesday. i'm unsure why this murder is different.

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