Monday, February 13, 2006

monday monday

i really don't know what the hell is going on with my students... Beyond senioritis, some are dealing with drug abuse, abortion, homelessness, and depression as a result of past sexual abuse. Many have stopped going to class and are about to fail a few classes. it sounds really crappy to be like, "well don't forget you need to keep your grades up for colleges!" but i have to. they all want to go to college so freaking bad(ly). I'm trying to find a better directory of mental health services in West Contra Costa. most of the services at their schools suck and sometimes aren't culturally sensitive. Asian Mental Health Services has been a great referral, but i need to find some resources in the latino and black community. lemme know if you got some...

i also didn't go to class today. too tired. last week i had a slight breakdown. i don't know why. i went into my sister's room and started crying about work and school. i don't know why i was crying though. at that point i really wanted to quit school. i'm trying to be motivated to go to do my work. i did one lesson plan this past week so i did something. also, i did have an exciting idea for my thesis. it's actually not my idea at all. it's from an undergrad class i took in education. we're gonna come up with our own accountability shit. this worked really well as part of community building.

my ed folks: I need facilitation stuff on popular eduation, articles on the Asian American movement/ Asian American historiography, more lit from SEA, SA, LGBTQ, mixed race writers.
i need more lit... i was thinking of leaving 2-3 books unplanned/ unassigned for folks to decide as a class?

i'm so glad i'm exempt from the protocal. i was checkin out Rom's forms and it's crazy anal.

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TR said...

Queer writers: Look in Charlie Chan is Dead 2, Han Ong, Joel Tan David Eng, & WIllyce Kim's Dancer Dawkin's and the Calfiornia Kid