Saturday, February 18, 2006

scratch scratch part deux

okay... so my rash... i went to kaiser and found out my rash is rare for young people to get. basically it's common among people over sixty years of age. it is def a result of an immune system that was weakened due to stress. i'm in A LOT of pain. this rash is not just itchy, but also burns like hell. basically it feels like i ahve 500 needles being poked into my skin (a patch of about six sq inches) with superbad sunburn that someone is slapping... it sucks. the rash will be there for 2-4 weeks and i might still ahve the pain after the rash goes away. i'm really sad. i feel so weak that my body would break down like this because of stress. the last three times i've been to the doctor they've diagnosed whatever i had as a result of stress.

anyway, i did all my faciliation questions for Dictee!!! YAY! i'm extremely satisfied w/ my facilitation questions and my pedagogy. basically, my method of faciliation matches the form of the book. it's kinda hard to explain without knowing the book, but i will share them with you in class. i'm so proud of myself.


TR said...

You need to CHILL and SLEEP :)

Pam said...

Use oatmeal for your itches, maybe that will help? Hopefully I'll see you Tuesday.