Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amy and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

-Woke up late
-Went outside in tennis shoes/ no socks and cropped jeans. It was raining HARD. No Umbrella. No time to chagne b/c i was already late
-Rushed to Richmond HS
-Said I would host meetings on Wednesdays when I'm already really busy
-Rushed to De Anza HS
-Found out my laptop w/ my thesis and all my work info is STILL broken and won't be serviced until i give them something to backup all my data.
-SASI computer not printing at De Anza
-Rushed to doctors
-Spent 20 minutes looking for parking
-Arrived at Doctor's office
-Told my appointment is actually NEXT monday not this monday. (All the rushing at the schools was a result of thinking i had a doctors appointment)
-Drove to class.
-Did nothing while waiting for class to start
-Decided not to go to class
-Got a flat tire
-Called AAA so I could get my spare changed
-GOt my spare changed
-Drove about 12 blocks, got a flat SPARE!!!!!
-Had to get my car towed
-Still waiting for the tire ppl to call me back and tell me when I can get my car so i can actually go to work.

The bright side? My spare could have blown out on the bridge while it was rainy and windy. At least I was in a residential area.


Anonymous said...

Ewwww, I'm sorry. Hope you went home and had a nice inside rainy day anyway.

Love, Marie

Lee Herrick said...

Ugggh! Amy, I hope your car situation works out. btw, i posted some thoughts on teaching on my blog, at your request. i'm curious about your thoughts.