Thursday, February 14, 2008

Help my students by eating!!!

Here is an easy and tasty way to help out some amazing students from Richmond High School. I have a few 12th grade students who are undocumented and are thus, ineligible for federal and state financial aid. My students are leaders at their school: student government, service clubs, and academic clubs. They have worked really hard the past four years to make college a possibility and you can help them get a step closer to their goal, just by eating!

Cafe Cacao ( in Berkeley has agreed to donate 25% of your total bill to my students. All you need to do is eat there any weekend in February and present a printout of the donation card ( Easy, right? Cafe Cacao has brunch (french toast, chocolate banana pancakes, poached eggs in rosemary butter, savory egg scrambles), yummy mochas (one time they drew a kitty cat in chocolate powder on top of my mocha foam), and sweet desserts. It was even featured on "The Secret Life of: Brownies" on the Food Network! Cafe Cacao is located right next door to the Sharffen Berger Chocolate Factory, so you can book a free tour to the Factory ( and eat at Cafe Cacao afterward.

Cafe Cacao is open for weekend brunch 9-3 on Saturdays and Sundays. For large groups, you can rsvp by calling 510. 843. 6000
Don't forget to bring this printed card!
Happy eating!


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