Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i keep forgetting to post stuff from my myspace blog:

I'm working at the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble in Emeryville. The place is packed today. The only table open is next to this group of 7 people. We grab the table, but Im secretly thinking, oh no, I bet theyre going to be loud. Theyre not. Theyre completely silent only laughing occasionally. The only noise is the adorable baby making baby noise. I wonder why 7 people are sitting in silence. I look over and I see that theyre all signing to teach other! Totally unexpected. I actually see people signing to each other pretty often. This time though its different b/c theyre Asian. Ive never seen Asian folks using sign language. I wonder if my surprise is an internalization of the idea that Asian folks dont have disabilities. Those issues are really hidden in our community. Its pretty sad and damaging to APAs who are disabled and their families. Not only is there an issue of shame, but theres little outreach to the community by larger advocacy groups.

Anyway, its really cool cuz the baby is like 1 year old. The seven adults are signing to each other but then also teaching the baby how to sign. It must be neat to have your baby attempt to sign. Its so cute when babys mess up big people words cuz their voices are so squeaky and well, babyish. It must be just as cute to have your baby sign cuz you get to see those chubby hands clumsily communicate! You can tell when the baby is doing baby-signing (as opposed to baby wiggling and waving) b/c you hear excited sounds from the group and everyone gets these huge smiles. Nice.

UPDATE: SWEET!!! they're korean! they're singing/ humming/ signing one of my Korean baby songs about 3 bears (better than goldilocks). oooh sooo cute!!!

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