Saturday, August 05, 2006

Righteous Bastard

today i was in a store when I overheard this woman ask a store worker where she could find a particular item. The worker, a Latino man, said "Go to the pharmacy" in an accented voice. The woman starts working toward the pharmacy (and behind me)and mutters "Get some fucking English under your belt!" *sigh* I turned around and gave her this incredulous look. She stared back at me puzzled. My mind was buzzing. i was so disgusted by her xenophobic words. my stomach was churning. i thought about my parents and all the people that remind me of my parents. i seriously wanted to throw up... I had so much I wanted to say to her, so much that i couldn't straighten out my thoughts. i couldn't get anything out of my mouth except, "Well, maybe you should move out of California." Right. It was neither the most articulate or even pointed statement I could have made, but it was what came out of my mouth*. Anyway, her response was, "I've lived in California my entire life!" Then she quickly scurried away.

I was in fucking OAKLAND. I was so pissed off. I tried to continue my shopping but was so angry that i almost started crying in the store.

anyway, 6 hours later i'm still thinking about this fucking woman and my stupid ass response. what do you do in that angry moment? what can you really say? i know i could have said something far more clever or thought provoking than " Maybe you should move out of California" but even then, what would i have achieved? there is nothing i could have said in the passing moment to make that woman rethink her racist comment. what's the point in even saying something in that situation?

*admittedly, a part of me was trying to gauge if this woman would try and start a physical fight with me or would just use words. she was kinda big. i'm kinda small.


Elle-Même said...

I like to ask them how many foreign languages they speak. Accented English is still English, and that guy is much better off than the woman would probably be if she tried to get by working in, say, Germany.

What a stupid cow.

Cynthia said...

At least you said something. I would have been so frustrated and if I didn't say anthing I would want that moment back so i could say something.

I'm disgusted that people out there are still that rude. I was in Mrs. Fields yesterday in Berkeley and the girl working there was Asian and the girl ordering cookies was Black and she says to the girl "Did you hear me?" in the rudest voice and on top of that she asks if the cookies are warm. It's about 7 or 8 at night and they are probably closing.. Of course the cookies aren't warm! Go find a microwave!!!

I was with Anthony and we just left the store. I should have said something.

Hui Jeong said...

cynthia! where you at?