Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my new toy

i'm blogging from my new 13" mac book! frivolous purchase? i'm not so sure. previously i was using a powerbook that belonged to my work. my old imac has been superslow (it's almost 5 years old) so i moved all my files onto my powerbook and use it as my primary computer. at first i was excited cuz i had this sleek powerbook at my disposal. now i realize, however, that it meant all my personal files and work files were always with me. being the anal person i am, this meant i was working on my work at home all the time! my 13' widescreen macbook is my first attempt at trying to leave work at work... (i hope it works!)

brief review (i really don't know much about computers): so far i like my machine (the 30 minutes i've been on it). i definitely am still getting used the keyboard (the buttons are spaced out a little bit) and don't like that the keyboard is not lighted like my powerbook. i definitely like that the casing is not aluminum. the aluminum looks sleek and sexy but honestly, my powerbook has been dropped several times and is dented all over the place). so i'll settle for the white plastic casing. i'm not going to lie. i was tempted to purchase the macbook PRO for the lighted keyboard and the hot aluminum but i'm not about to shell out 400 bucks for that! the mac book also does not have a latch as a opening which is awesome! i don't like that the ac adapter has changed from the ibook/ powerbook. this will make it very difficult to borrow other mac user's ac adapters. BUT what is nice about the charger is that there it comes with an extension so you can have the option to make it long, but don't have to carry it around w you all the time. also, the power cord is magnetic, so it snaps right into place!

after i transfer ALL my files from my powerbook to my macbook via firewire (i LOVE firewire!) and use this sucker a bit more, i will probably write a new review (although it will be just as inarticulate and un-techy as the above!).

lastly, this was an awesome deal! after i bought it i wondered if i just bought the computer cuz the salesman was fine. the i realized that i was thinking of buying it for 20 minutes before we entered the store anyway. it was really a sweet deal. it's $1099 plus a free ipod nano ($179- we actually went to the apple store specifically to buy a nano) plus a $50 educator discount, plus a free $100 printer! i gave the nano to my sister (cuz she was going to buy one anyway). also, you can get the Office package for educators/ students at a savings of $50 (i'm getting my office installed from work though)... i was also checking out the new ipods cuz mine is 4 years old and only has 4 hours of battery life, but this should suffice for now!

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