Sunday, June 11, 2006

just came back from the roots show at the grand... i'm a little disappointed. i really like blackalicious but thought their performance was average compared to what i've seen before. the roots were dope... talib was dope... unfortunately, the acoustics at the grand are atrocious. :( i'm never going to see a show at the grand again!

here are some other random things:
-it was sponsored by Kools cigarettes. BOO!!! there were women walking around in lime green Kools dresses w/ old skool ciggie trays giving out free packs to people who traded in an email address. the emcee was wearing a ralph lauren polo shirt that was the same lime green as the Kools dresses! argh. so irritating.
-tall ass white folks were everywhere. my five foot one inch frame doesn't cut it when it comes to most things. i get stressed out going to the movies late, going to shows, going to lectures, etc b/c i'm so damn short. when you barely clear 5 feet, everyone is tall to you. so the people that average people think are tall are like giants to me. anyway, i was trying to be considerate to the person in front of me by leaving a small gap in front, but that gap kept getting filled by someone really tall. it was so rude! at one point, this HUGE dude, like 6 and a half feet tall stood in front of me to my left. he was massive. his limbs were SO long. he was like some giant bald eagle or something. it was really awkward, cuz he was swinging his arms and i was scared that his elbow would hit me in the eye. i got superscared when he started clapping his hands in the air. he would swing his arms almost perpendicular to his body, practically swiping at my nose! i was totally irritated by him and asked him to chill out a bit w/ his arms. after about 20 minutes he ended up leaving. then i felt a bit guilty cuz he must know how tall he is and it's prolly just as uncomfortable for him as it was for me (but at least he can see everything!) 3 minutes after he left his space some tall ass woman (well she was like 5"10 came to the front right of me. she kept backing into me, totally trying to push me backward. i just pushed her forward. we silently battled it out for awhile, but i lost when she put her arms up to dance. her pits were totally in my face. they were hairy which i prolly wouldn't mind but also sweaty. eh. i hate being short.


Gar said...

The Roots, Blacklacious, and Talib performing at show sponsored by a company that's pumping out cancer sticks?

tsk tsk...

Hui Jeong said...

yup... that was REALLY depressing