Saturday, April 22, 2006

beep beep

for some reason, i forgot to publish the post below abt wanting to get a scooter, that was supposed to go up on monday. oh well. anyway, today i went to actually go test drive scooters. i was looking forward to it all week long, super excited. i kept looking at my sister and saying, " i'm so excited to get a scooter! " i'd put my hands in the air like i was driving a scooter and say, "putt-putt-putt-putt-putt" . that's my scooter sound, even though i would never want to ride a scooter that actually sounded that janky...

ANYWAY, this morning i woke up all excited. while we were driving over to the Yamaha/ Honda dealer, i told my sister how i want to go skydiving again and how exhilarating it was... i was a fearless skydiver my first time around. while i was saying this i parked near the dealership (which mainly sells motorcycles, not mopeds) and glanced over at the lot full of bikes. i ended my skydiving story, turned off my engine, looked back at the dealership, looked to my sister, paused and said in a small voice, "um, there's all these big white guys over there... i'm kind of intimidated." (i imagined myself (barely clearing 5 feet 1 inch) approaching a salesman and saying in a baby voice, i wanna test out the scooters!) she agreed that the men looked intimidating so we agreed to go back on sunday w/ her friend James (a big asian dude who rides motorcycles).

we ended up going to REI instead. after REI i said, "i feel bad! i was so excited this week. we have to go back!)

SO we drove back. i got all nervous when we were approaching the dealership. turned the corner to park, made a u-turn instead and headed back home.

boo... i TOTALLY bucked under the fear of a male-dominated industry. :(

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You gotta take on the man before you take on the sky!