Thursday, November 02, 2006

Undocumented students & CA post-secondary ed

It's that time of the year... college apps... my students and i have been trudging through their personal statments. some are even on draft 13! anyway, here's some info to pass along for those of you who may have undocumented students in your California classrooms:

A student’s legal status does not have any bearing on his/ her admission to college. Colleges and universities do not share a student’s status with the federal government. Undocumented students, however, are not eligible for federal or state financial aid such as the Cal Grant or Federal Pell Grant.

California law AB 540 grants undocumented students the in-state tuition rate at public institutions (UC, CSU, CCC). AB 540 students are undocumented students who have attended a California high school for at least three years AND graduate from a California high school or receive an equivalence to a California high school diploma. The monetary savings is as follows:

• Paying $26/ unit versus $197/unit at a California community college
• Paying $2,864 in fees versus $12,420 at a CSU
• Paying $6,141 in fees versus $22,504 at a UC

To pay the in-state fees, students must request and submit the completed AB 540 Affidavit to the appropriate office at the school in which they enroll (usually the registrar or admissions office). The affidavit states that the student will file for legal status as soon as she/ he is able to do so. This is kept confidential with the school and is not shared with federal authorities.

Please use these materials with your students as you see fit and pass them onto other colleagues. Math teachers can use AB 540 in word problems or weekly projects to have students figure out the savings cost from filing the affidavit. English and Oral English teachers can have students write persuasive essays or debate about the issue at hand. Also, SB 160, the California DREAM Act was vetoed in September by Gov. Shwarzenegger. This would have required CSU and CCC and requested that UC allow AB 540 students to participate in all state student aid. English teachers can have students write letters to Honorable Gil Cedillo’s office to push for further action (

i have a whole packet of info, so if you want more leave me a comment w/ your email (i'll keep your comment private of course!)

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