Saturday, July 29, 2006


A week ago I decided it was time for our relationship to end. Eight days later, I feel like shit.

As each day passes, it is harder and harder to wake up without you. Going to work every morning without the taste of you on my lips is hell. I won't lie, nothing can replace you. I try to satisfy myself with poor substitutes. My body and mind has shut down. It's so hard staying strong when I know that I can have you any time of the day. I must keep reminding myself that you are not for me. I was so dependent on you-- needing you at least once a day, sometimes I was so bad that I demanded you four times a day. *sigh* I swear to you Coffee, if I can hold out for another week, I know I will be through with you.


MiYon said...

They say the first couple of weeks are the toughest. That's what people kept telling me over and over when I decided to really

MiYon said...

quit smoking. I don't know if that applies to kicking coffee, too. Good luck, though!

Found you listed at The Korean Blog List. Read some of your entries and I find your blog funny and interesting so ... had to comment.

Sorry about the split comments. Prematurely hit the enter key! :P