Monday, March 06, 2006

Write a sentence using the following words

Please use each of the following words in a sentence (not a sentence that is defining the word though)

Marginalize/ Marginalization
Orientalism/ Orientalist
Silence & Voice (both of these in one sentence or in two related sentences)

don't use all of these words in one sentence. one word per sentence please. thanks!


Anonymous said...

The will of teachers are the hegemony in a classroom.

Please don't marginalize my momma.

I'm not an oriental rug. ( i know it's not your word.

I hope to bring voice to those who have been forced into silence.

Power and domination transforms both the oppressed and the oppressor.

My students once said that agency and structure are two ends of a spectrum, like two butt cheeks.

I drive a honda hybridity. (once again, i know it's not what you aske d for.)

Meghan said...

People of my race, white, practice many forms of hegemony because they think that everyone should share their values.

Once I went over the Amy's house and she had six Asian American friends over who were all sitting in the living room; she made me sit in the bathroom and I felt marginalized.

I love studying Asian cultures, but I wouldn't call myself an Orientalist because that word is outdated!

Back to that day at Amy's house, everytime I tried to talk to the other guests they ignored me and I felt very silenced, as if my voice wasn't worthy of their ears.

I have power when it comes to getting a loan for a house because I'm white, however, I cannot exercise this power because I have bad credit.

George Bush convinced people to go to war and is constantly abusing his privileges of agency.

I am a hybridity of Irish culture and a girl who grew up in a diverse urban center. Long Beach, WHAT!

Hui Jeong said...

MEGHAN!!! your comments are funny but not helpful at all! that's why i made you sit in the bathroom!

Meghan said...

What was I supposed to write? I used all the words correctly. You can quote me in your thesis!

Anonymous said...

Jamie wrote...

Please feel free to take my culture for your hegemonic banana republic.

Within our domestic borders, we all feel marginalized for one reason or another. Yet, do we ever stop and realize the methods by which we marginalize those on the other side of that border?

The voice of reason in our society should be silenced by the voice of other..

Please fill my scooter with petro. Otherwise, it may find itself with little power to move your heavy booty.

The culture of agency is always juxstaposed by the will of convenience.

Beyond the scope of authentic identity, the self is always in a systemic hybrid stance.

Be well Amy and live your life through your own definition.